Good food, good mood. How about delicious pizza? The return of Paparons Cafe


Hello foodies! Anyone remember Paparons Pizza? We have good news for you guys because in this opportunity we would like to share their new concept and food as Cafe Paparons (CPR). We will share little bit of their profile before review their foods. CPR is under PT. Eatertainment Indonesia since 1979 ( formally known as Ponderosa group ). The company operating CPR and Amigos, you know Amigos right? The best margaritas and tex-mex food in Jakarta, but we will review it later. Cafe Paparons located in Pondok Pinang Center, why it’s not in mall? Because CPR is a non-mall restaurant chain which located in a good place where you can have great moments with family or closest friends here. Actually it’s easy to find or use GPS to easily find them.


Cafe Paparons emphasize on green lifestyle, high culture of dining service with modern interior. Cafe Paparons divided into 2 section indoor and outdoor. Indoor area quite spacious with minimalist modern interior by using wodden table with minimalist ‘canteen’ chair and painted soft brown color on the wall which are perfect mixture to creat great ambience here. You have no worry to not having a good photo here because natural lights came in through the glasses around the restaurant. This is one of the best playground for photographer to create great photos!


Pizza with soda? Nah! Cafe Paparons not only serve pizza, fusion menu but they also provide beers, mocktails and cocktails. If you come here you can see the bar table. Pizza with beer? Oh yeah! Let’s talk sbout the food we tested last time we came here.


Original Pizza
– If you know Paparons you will know their best signature pizza, yep Original Pizza. Pizza with peperoni, smoked beef, ground beef, mushroom, red and green bell pepper, black olive and tomato sauce. It’s super duper yummy! FYI at Cafe Paparons they serve the best dough for pizza. If you bring home and eat tomorrow morning, the pizza still giving the best texture. Really recommended this!


Chicken Green Chili Pizza
– This pizza is one of their newest fusion pizza, it’s giving us new experience to have Indonesian taste in pizza. Kinda hot but we love it because Indonesian love chili very much! Have a try and you will not regret it.



Cheese Burger Sub
– Honestly,our best choice of food in Cafe Paparons is Cheese Burger Sub. Ground beef, cheddar, moza cheese, tomato sauce inside a folded pizza crust. It remind me of Subway, can u imagine those melted cheese inside you put into your mouth? Heaven dude! Best portion with best price! One never enough for us!


Gonzales Stripsteak
– Chicken strip with BBQ sauce served with teppanyaki bean sprouts. Love the sauce giving rich flavor. If you wanna eat rice order this fusion menu.


Mango Green Tea
– Matcha served with cream and mango on top. Not too sweet and it give refreshing feeling. For matcha lovers we really recommend this one.


– Coffee lovers should order this, and love the ice cream too. In CPR, they have variant drinks too. Love this place!


Overall , we really love the new Paparons concept and foods. Will come back for sure and give a try other menu. Great services, variant food and drinks. Looking for great time with friends while beer-ing? Come to Cafe Paparons and you will get the new experience for there new Paparons. Wish the best for Cafe Paparons. Thank you Mr Ron, Mr Leo and Ms Feb for welcoming us!



Paparons Cafe

Pondok Pinang Centre

Jl. Ciputat Raya, Jakarta

Ph: 021 – 75912613

Instagram: @paparonscafe

Opening hours:

Mon- Sun: 08.00 – 22.00


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