Bonjour! La Pate A Choux by Shemaure Patisserie – Gandaria City


Bonjour foodies! Wanna crave something good? We have one recommended place you must visit, Shemaure Patisserie. Located on 2nd floor in front of Solaria restaurant for you to find. Shemaure started this business since 2012 and they created ‘La Pate a Choux’ by using traditional recipes in modern ways. Pate a Choux is a category for a light pastry dough used to make profiteroles, croquembouches, éclairs, French crullers, churros and many more. It contains only butter, water, flour and eggs. Instead of a raising agent, it employs high moisture content to create steam during cooking to puff the pastry. We will show their process later below.


Shemaure Patisserie location quite strategic and eye catching because of their simple decoration with white color all over the place. They also apply open kitchen where the customers can see the process of making choux from the beginning til the end. The owner monitor all the materials and ingredients very strict and make sure fresh everyday.

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The process started when they put out the dough and shape it to eclair or choux. Second step, put the craquelin chox on top. Last step, put it in the oven around 25-30 mins around 200-240 degrees. After that you can enjoy the crunchy eclair or choux after the custard filling inside. Oh my gosh, you have to be there to smell the goodness of this choux!


– There are 3 variant for eclairs and choux : chocolate, red velvet and original. Each of it have different custard flavors:
1. Red Velvet – Mascarpone Cheese
2. Chocolate – Creamy Chocolate
3. Original – Salted Caramel.
All of it looks yummy right? Indeed! For those of you wonder whats is mascarpone cheese? Mascarpone is an Italian Cheese from Lombardy Region and the texture usually smooth and creamy to buttery. You can make this around 10 mins but we are not talkin about recipe! Love the crunchy texture on the outer layer because of the craquelin and creamy inside. All of it have sour taste because using cream cheese. We love all but our favgoes to the chocolate and salted caramel! You really need to try this because it gives you different experience eating eclair.


– Actually the details same as eclair. Honestly good dough makes everything perfect even this choux so heavenly delicious! For us still go for chocolate and salted caramel! Best part for choux is the custard because it will get messy sometimes. Delicieux!


Petit Choux
– Peit means small or mini. This is their latest creation by making mini choux like satay so easily to eat without getting messy! Come here and try them all!


Overall we love both eclairs and choux by Shemaure. We get new experience and knowledge about choux even more! Wish the best for Shemaure Patisserie. We really thank you to Mr Rusdi for the knowledge and warmest greeting by Mr Algie. Thank you Kak Adriana for inviting us here.

A bientot!


Shemaure Patisserie

Address : Gandaria City 2nd floor, Jakarta

Open Hours : 10.00 – 22.00

Instagram: @shemaurepatisserie


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