First ‘Stuffed’ Chicken Wings in Jakarta, Sumo Wings


Hello Foodies! Have you heard ‘stuffed’ chicken wings? The wings are deboned stuffied with mixture alot of things like, curry rice, butter rice and many more. This food kinda popular in USA few years ago. For those of you curious about this dish, we want to recommend place that serve this food without going to USA, Sumo Wings. Sumo Wings located at PIK Avenue Mall 2nd floor at Dotonbori foodcourt. Dotonbori is a japanese foodcourt where all of them sell japanese cuisioj with variety of choice and meanwhile let’s talk Sumo Wings in detail.

There are 6 fillings you can choose for your chicken wings:
1. Japanese Curry Rice
2. Mac n Cheese
3. Garlic Butter Rice
4. Fried Ramen
5. Teriyaki Rice
6. Corn n Cheese


At that moment we try 4, lets talk more below:


Japanese Curry Rice
– Stuffed chicken wing eith curry rice and curry on top give us such rich flavor while we eat it. It’s so yummy! For katsu curry lover, you can try this for your new experience in food.


Garlic butter rice & Teriyaki Rice
– We love the teriyaki one and they make the sauce fresh everyday. Taste kinda mild and make us can’t stop eating alot of this chicken wings. For Garlice Butter rice, we can’t say no for butter rice. Heavenly taste for rice! Love!


Mac n Cheese
– If you don’t really like japenese so you order this because it’s western stule with cheesy sauce. It’s ok for us but we prefer Teriyaki rice.

Overall we love all the food here! Come and try it! Wish the best for Sumo Wings. Thank you Mr Jeff for welcoming us here.



Sumo Wings

Alamat: PIK Avenue Mall, 2nd floor, Dotonbori, Jakarta

Open hour: 10.00 – 22.00

Instagram: @sumowings_id


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